Bright Limani

The Catholic University of Malawi

Faculty of Commerce

Department of Human Resource Management

Every employee is expected to be a team player, as in contemporary societies, team effort is more valuable than individual effort. There is a paradigm shift from the appreciation and glorification of individual contributions to the appreciation and glorification of collective effort and contributions.

‘The Ideal Team Player : How to Recognize and Cultivate Three Essential Virtues’’, by Patrick Lencioni, is a book that explores the qualities essential for effective teamwork within an organization, focusing on three key virtues individuals should possess to contribute positively to a team dynamic.

Lencioni introduces three core virtues essential for teamwork: humility, hunger, and smartness. He argues that the ideal team player embodies a balance of these three qualities, bringing about an integrated and successful team-work context. In the first place, an ideal team player is humble. He or she places team interests above his or her own interests. Team interests first, and her or his interests second. This is an easy thing to do. In second place, ideal team players are hungry for success. They work hard to meet deadlines and hit targets.  They are strategic and future-focused. In third place, ideal team players are smart. They are intelligent and emotionally mature. They make good decisions and solve problems quickly.

In this book, it is imperative to recognize the fact that the author highlighted the importance of employees possessing these virtues.  The presence of these virtues brings about successful teams and organizations.

It is critical to appreciate the point that the author used a story-telling style of delivery and real-life examples to emphasize the significance of these virtues for teamwork, decision-making, and problem solving. He accentuated the fact that organizations must create and foster a culture where these virtues are norms. The author believes such a culture and work environment will enable the organization to make a huge difference in the market.

The book is great reference material for managers, supervisors, consultants, and teachers. It can help these people gain knowledge and insights on how to create successful teams. The book can also help them devise strategies on how to transform existing employees into ideal team players.

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